Heat Pump Technical Advisors

Since April 2018, SEAI have been offering grants for installing heat pumps in homes.  They are no longer offering grants for boilers as they burn fossil fuels.

As part of the heat pump grant application process a homeowner must have a Technical Assessment carried out on their home by a suitably qualified professional.  At Net Zero we have a number of SEAI registered Technical Advisors ready to assist you with the grant application process.


How Much Are The Heat Pump Grants Worth?

  • Air to Water Heat Pump €3,500
  • Ground Source to Water Heat Pump €3,500
  • Exhaust Air to Water Heat Pump €3,500
  • Water to Water Heat Pump €3,500
  • Air to Air Heat Pump €600

Heat Pump Technical Assessment: SEAI are also offering a €200 grant towards a technical assessment by a registered Technical Advisor.  This is only payable if you go ahead with a heat pump installation.

Bonuses: Heat pump grants are just one of a whole suite of grants available under the Better Energy Homes Scheme.  There is also funding available for insulation, solar panels and heating upgrades.  If you implement three grant measures you will receive an additional €300.  If you complete four upgrades you will receive another €100.

Why Do I Need a Technical Assessment?

In order to apply for a heat pump grant, you must have a technical assessment carried out on your home by an SEAI registered Technical Advisor.  Heat pumps are extremely efficient and also cheap to run but only if installed correctly and in a suitable home.  If a house is poorly insulated and/or draughty a heat pump will struggle to heat your home and will likely use large amounts of electricity in the process.

On the other hand, heat pumps work superbly in well insulated and air-tight buildings.  This is why they are being installed in most newly built homes nowadays.  So in order to qualify for the heat pump grant you may need to upgrade the insulation in your home first as part of your application.  There is grant funding available for these upgrades.


What is Involved in a Technical Assessment?

Firstly, a Technical Advisor from Net Zero will carry out a full BER survey on your home.  The BER rating system is the national standard for measuring the energy efficiency of residential buildings.  The technical advisor will calculate the heat loss levels from your home.  If the heat loss is below a specified level, then you are eligible for the heat pump grant and can proceed with your application.

If the calculated heat loss from your home is above the allowable level, your Technical Advisor will outline your various options for bringing your home up to the required standard.  This could involve upgrading your wall insulation or roof insulation, replacing your windows, sealing up draughts etc.  Your Technical Advisor will advise on the most feasible, cost effective upgrades and quantify the effect each one will have on your Building Energy Rating.  They will also point out the various grants you can avail of as part of this upgrade process.

You will then submit your Technical Assessment Report as part of your heat pump grant application and give an undertaking to carry out the required upgrades.