Your partner in BER, Part L & NZEB Compliance

Net Zero can assist you in coming up with a specification for your new residential or commercial building to reach whatever standard you wish, be it Part L compliance, NZEB or Passive House. We provide a seamless solution from building design stage right through to certification of the completed building.  We cater for one off builds to entire housing developments and commercial campuses.  If you already have your design or the building has been completed, we can assess it for Part L compliance and publish the BER cert.

Compare Design Options

Not sure if you should go with a boiler or a heat pump? Is it worth adding solar panels? Can I reduce the amount of insulation?

We can quantify the effect of each design variation on the BER rating and Part L compliance, helping you decide on the optimal specification for your building. Whether you want to just meet your obligations or achieve as high an energy rating as possible, we can assist you in getting there.

We can also offer this service for refurbishment and extension projects allowing you to see how much the BER rating of the property will improve after the works are carried out. We can also advise on the grants available for energy upgrades and which ones would give the greatest improvements to your particular building.

Ensure Part L or NZEB Compliance

Many of our clients are being asked by their local Building Control Authority to prove a buildings compliance with Part L at the planning application stage, just before breaking ground or on completion of the build. The only way to know that a building is complying is to carry out DEAP calculations (residential) or NEAP calculations (commercial) on the overall design.

We can carry out DEAP and NEAP calculations on your building design to ensure that it is meeting the standards required by Part L of the building regulations. We can even assist in developing a design and specification that will meet or exceed the required standard.  We can provide a provisional BER cert if required for selling a building off plans and a final BER cert when the building is completed.

Beyond Compliance

Why just barely pass the building regulations when you can exceed them and create a healthier, more comfortable building with even lower running costs.  We can help you surpass the current standards and go all the way to the NZEB or Passive House standards.

We have already worked on buildings that have met the NZEB standard even though it has not yet become law. Our team have also worked on multiple passive houses all over Ireland and the world.

By modelling your building early in the process, smart decisions can be made that save on both energy and build costs. Modelling in the Passive House software PHPP for example can give an insight in to areas of the design that might not be covered under the BER methodology.

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