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Get a commercial energy rating quote

Since January 2009 all non-residential buildings must have a BER certificate when offered for sale or let.

The engineers at Net Zero are some of the most experienced in the commercial BER industry, SEAI registered, members of the Institute of Engineers Ireland and can provide BER certificates for any commercial building. We offer a prompt and professional service at competitive rates. Contact Us now for a quick quote or fill out the form below.

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What is involved?

In order to produce a BER certificate one of our assessors will need to carry out a full survey of the commercial building. In order to produce a commercial BER certificate the assessor must follow the NEAP (Non-Domestic Energy Assessment Procedure Procedure). The methodology is significantly more involved than the procedure used for producing domestic BER certificates.

When you book a BER assessment with us we will schedule an appointment for a time that is most convenient for you. It is important that the assessor has access to all areas of the building including plant rooms and any other areas that contain heating, cooling or ventilation equipment.

During the survey, the assessor will need to access every room in the building to measure its floor, walls, windows etc as well as to note the type of heating, air conditioning lighting etc present in each area. The survey is completely non intrusive. The assessor will also need to examine all heating, cooling, ventilation and water heating equipment that serves the building. The time taken for a survey varies greatly with the size and complexity of the building.

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What should I provide?

  • Any floor plans, drawings, specifications or CAD files that you may have will greatly speed up the process.
  • The year of construction of the building if known.
  • MPRN number. (This is found on an electricity bill for the property. It is just used to identify the building when publishing the certificate).
  • Details of any upgrades, extensions or conversions eg improving insulation.
  • Safe unobstructed access to all areas of the dwelling.

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What happens after the survey?

After the survey, the assessor will return to our office and perform all the relevant calculations using the data collected during the survey. They will then enter this into the SBEM software provided by SEAI. This software calculates the BER certificate. The assessor then publishes the BER certificate and advisory report via the SEAI website. We will then forward the BER certificate and advisory report on to you via email and or post you out a hard copy. We can also send a copy to your solicitor or estate agent should you wish. The time taken between the survey and publication varies greatly depending on the size and complexity of the building.

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Who can produce a non-domestic BER cert?

The domestic BER assessor qualification and the commercial BER assessor qualification are two separate qualifications. In order to produce a commercial BER certificate, the assessor must be registered as a commercial BER assessor with SEAI. In comparison to registering as a domestic BER assessor, there a few extra stipulations when registering as a commercial assessor. Assessors must have a level 7 degree in a construction related discipline or equivalent, they must also be a member of a professional organisation and in addition must pass the non-domestic BER assessor exam.

Our commercial assessors are level 8 degree qualified engineers, members of Engineers Ireland and have passed the SEAI non-domestic BER assessor exam.

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